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New Zealand

Southern Cross Engineering Group acquires Rocktec

The Southern Cross Engineering Group Limited (SCE), one of New Zealand’s largest mechanical project engineering companies, has entered into an agreement with the Stevenson Group for the sale and purchase of their contract engineering company Rocktec Limited. The agreement to purchase Rocktec’s operations and capabilities was finalised for an undisclosed sum on 15 January 2013.

Rocktec is a specialist engineering solutions provider to quarrying, mining, materials handling and mineral processing industries throughout Australia and New Zealand. They also have an international dealer and distribution network which supplies Rocktec equipment to clients world-wide.

Rocktec’s Head Office and manufacturing plant is based in Matamata, Waikato, New Zealand with an Australian-based office in Brisbane. They employ over 40 experienced staff, ranging from qualified and practising engineers and draughtsmen to metal fabricators and welders.

This acquisition complements the SCE Group’s already well-established engineering capabilities which have been developed over the last 58 years in areas such as green and dry milling, timber processing, woodchip, coal and gypsum handling, contracting and heavy engineering. It will enable SCE to grow and will expand the Group’s focus to new sectors away from its traditional markets and industries.

SCE CEO Paul Thorn explains, “This is a great opportunity to merge two highperforming contract engineering companies - they each have a very strong performance history and both will market their established brands in their own areas of expertise. Each can support the other when needed, which will enable the Group to diversify and be better able to weather industry-specific cycles.”

The Rocktec acquisition also introduces a new chapter in the long and successful history of the SCE Group. Its roots are based in Canterbury but, over the years, the company has forged a solid reputation for service and technology both nationally and internationally. It has expanded rapidly throughout Australasia, the Pacific and beyond.

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Rocktec is an engineering company specialising in the manufacture of quarrying and mining equipment, materials handling machinery and environmental waste solution products. Based in Matamata, New Zealand, and Queensland, Australia, we have an international dealer and distribution network that supplies Rocktec products to clients worldwide.

We take pride in accomplishing the role as a one-stop-shop for design, build and ongoing support. If you can't find what you need in our proprietary product range or carefully chosen partner’s products, we'll design, engineer and build the product or system that you need for your quarry, mine, engineering or environmental problem.

Rocktec, with our team spirit and courage to achieve, has enjoyed strong and sustained growth in recent years, despite global and local difficulties. This growth is set to continue, for Rocktec to be recognized as THE leading provider of “Rock Technology” into Australasia and beyond.