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  • Matamata Office, New Zealand

New Zealand


Terminator Impact Hammer

The Terminator™ Rock Breaker is a gravity impact hammer, designed as an alternative to traditional breaking methods, achieving outstanding results across a range of applications:

  • Secondary breaking in mines and quarries
  • Slag and foundry waste
  • Over primary breaking
  • Demolition

The Terminator Rock Breaker functions by hydraulically lifting a forged steel weight and allowing it to freefall onto the striker pin. The striker pin directs this energy into the rock. As the weight falls it resets the cylinder, so the Terminator Rock Breaker is ready for the next cycle. Any over shock is absorbed by the patented buffering system. The Terminator Rock Breaker operates with very high-energy impacts at a low strike rate.

Hurricane Concrete Breaker

The Hurricane Concrete Breaker is a highly effective alternative to conventional concrete breakers. The Hurricane Concrete Breaker uses a broad, flat breaking surface that delivers maximum power and exceptional speed - up to 30 blows a minute - while maintaining extremely low carrier shock.

The Hurricane is of a compact design, which is easy to operate with minimal training and, with low operational costs, is an economical solution for breaking and recycling of concrete, with several advantages over normal breaking methods. These include features that enhance production in thinner concrete, low carrier shock, low cost and easy to install replacement parts, and more thorough breaking of the concrete with greater release of rebar than conventional breakers.

The Hurricane can be installed on skidsteers, excavators and backhoes, allowing contractors to select the setup which best suits their application.