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  • Matamata Office, New Zealand

New Zealand

Conveyors and Conveyor Components

Rocktec designs and manufactures a full range of conveyors to suit all requirements. We have designs to cover any application from lightweight channel section to truss/lattice frames, for conveying within a plant to long distance overland ground conveyors, to stockpiling conveyors for all needs – whether static, radial, luffing or telescopic.

The design of the conveyor system, often overlooked as part of the process or regarded as ancillary, rather than an essential component, is carefully sized and designed by our engineering and design team. All components are selected to be fit for duty and reliable/durable in operation and, whilst cost is an important issue, quality will never be compromised to reduce prices. Rocktec believes that operational efficiencies achieved by adhering to supply of quality components will yield ongoing and long term economies in the form of reduced running costs, long into the future. Another example is that all Rocktec conveyor drives are adequately sized to enable, as a minimum requirement, full load starts at any time. The Rocktec policy enables us to maintain competitive prices yet supply the high standards demanded by our most stringent clients.

We are introducing our modular range of conveyors, which has been conceived to provide economic manufacture by using standard assemblies with component commonality and interchangeability as high as possible, in practical terms. Not only does this concept enhance our capabilities to meet tight deadlines, our attention to the profiles and lengths of the main stringer assembles also contributes to reduction in transportation costs.

Standard features include:

  • Solid, rubber lagged  head drum
  • Slatted crowned tail drum
  • Spherical roller bearings on oversized shafts
  • Screw type adjusters
  • Electric motor drive with close coupled shaft mounted gearbox, with  backstop device
  • Integral feedbox with adjustable rubber skirts
  • Galvanised idler sets

Optional features include:

  • Variable speed drive
  • Wind covers or full dust encapsulation
  • Galvanised walkways and maintenance platforms with handrails and kickboards
  • Hydraulic drive
  • Vee belt drive to shaft mounted gearbox
  • Gravity or hydraulic tension systems
  • Solid tail drums
  • Ceramic inserts to head drums
  • Snub drums
  • Plastic idlers (low weight)
  • Belt scales, speed sensors, safety trip switches/lanyards



ESS Total Material Control

Rocktec is the exclusive distributor for ESS equipment in New Zealand. ESS is pleased to be associated with a highly professional company like Rocktec, with the expertise to complement the ESS range of products.

Rocktec maintains a sizeable stock of ESS products and spares for the New Zealand market.

Rocktec can offer the following products and solutions from ESS Engineering:
- Belt Cleaning Systems – Primary, secondary & return belt cleaners
- Transfer Point Impact Beds - ESS Guardabelt impact cradles & Trac-Mount cradles
- Belt Sealing Systems - a range of sealing and clamping products
- Martin® Big Blaster Air Cannon