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  • Matamata Office, New Zealand

New Zealand


Rocktec is able to supply a complete range of feeders with capacities up to 4,000MTPH



Custom Built Feeders

Rocktec also designs and builds feeders to suit any specific customer requirements.



Reciprocating Tray Feeder

Designed for the primary and secondary applications, the Rocktec Reciprocating Tray Feeder can handle the heaviest of material head loads without affecting the feed rate. The heavy duty construction and armour lining allow loading of heavy material directly onto the plate. The reciprocating hydraulic action allows infinite adjustment of feed rate and has an almost instantaneous start-up and stop time.


Vibrating Feeder

Rocktec offers two different types of vibrating feeders, the VIP and the F Series. The VIP Series work on a pulley driven eccentric shaft that oscillates the feeder pan, whereas F Series have the feeder plate mounted on rubber springs and vibrate with the aid of two contra-rotating, adjustable vibrating motors.


Belt Feeder

Rocktec Belt Feeders consist of simple stringer type conveyor frames with the belt supported by rollers. With a wide range of lengths, widths and belt speed ranges available, the Belt Feeders are ideal for delivering sand and gravel, in single sizes or as blending feeders where accurate metering is most important. The operational power requirements are low and, when equipped with a weigh scale, the unit can be integrated into a complete process control system.


Heavy Duty Plate Apron Feeder

Designed for primary applications, where high impact and abrasion loads are likely to be encountered, as well as heavy weight loadings, we have models to suit all. The overlapping, thick manganese pans are bolted to HD crawler tractor chain and driven by toughened segmented sprockets. Heavy duty bearings support the head and tail shaft whilst the chain and pans are supported by a series of steel support rollers. Due to the high shock loadings, central impact bars run the length of the feeder to prevent permanent distortion of the pans.