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  • Matamata Office, New Zealand

New Zealand

Washing; Dewatering; Water, Sludge and Fines Treatment

Rocktec has considerable expertise in the separation of organic and inorganic solids from process water particularly in the quarry, mining and concrete industries. We have a range of highly engineered and simple cost effective solutions for the above applications that suit the required level of solids recovery and water clarification. The products have uncompromised design and construction principles, and provide reliability with long operating life and minimum maintenance requirements.




 Rediwash Concrete Truck Washout

 The Rocktec Redi-Wash System is the most proven, rugged and comprehensive truck mixer washout

system available. Redi-Wash units are simple to install and operate, and have minimum replacement parts

and operating costs. Couple this with the savings that can be made on existing operations and it makes

this the most cost effective investment for sustainable operation of concrete plants today.

The original Redi-Wash unit went to work in 1969 in the USA. Whilst the product and its components have

evolved the basic principles and the success (and payback) for the concrete plant operator have remained

constant throughout.



Jadair Water Settler/Clarifier

The Jadair Clarifier, manufactured under license by Rocktec New Zealand, is an intelligently designed, compact solution for industrial water clarification. The Jadair concept utilises polymer flocculation and a computer controlled in-vessel system to guarantee clean, re-usable water and compact, de-watered solids.

In operation, water and solids are separated by gravity sedimentation, enhanced by a proprietary polymer flocculation method, and suspended solids settle on the floor of the tank, from where they can be automatically (by computer control) scooped or scraped from within by special conveyor paddles. The Jadair can handle solids from about 0.3mm to 200 micron silt or clay (sizes above this will settle without the use of flocculants) and the solids themselves are so dry that they can be handled by a loader or hauled away in trucks. These resultant solids have a variety of uses, including landfill refuse cover, landscape contouring, brick manufacture and soil mixes.

The Jadair has a number of advantages over traditional settling ponds, and is available in capacities from 150 – 900m³, based on normal solid loading of 8-15 per cent by volume. The system is also completely modular so additional systems can be installed alongside existing units to increase capacity. One Jadair master system can run up to three adjacent units without the need to replicate controls and hydraulic power sources.

Typically, the solids produced by the Jadair are in spreadable form with a moisture content around the 28-35% mark, a vast improvement over the wet slurry produced by older-style gravity settlers.  Being a true closed-loop system, it is environmentally sound, meeting all requirements set by local councils and government bodies, and the design ensures that water consumption is minimal and reclamation high. Water clarity is high enough to allow for mining process reuse.

Traditional settling ponds take up a large amount of land that could be used more productively. The Jadair compact design ensures that available land is used to best advantage.



Warrior Wheel and Underbody Truck Wash

The Rocktec Warrior Wheel and Underbody Truck Wash has been designed to provide a convenient, efficient and fully automatic drive through wash for heavy vehicles.

The Warrior caters for all types of road legal vehicles and is built entirely of steel to ensure long life in the most arduous conditions. The design of the wheel wash prevents the vehicle wheels from wearing the mainframe by raising removable grates above the frame. This also gives the benefit of a continuous rumble effect, helping to loosen dirt and shake off excess water.

The base of the Warrior is hot dipped galvanized to prevent any corrosion from either the environment or the water that is used. Solid, removable grates allow easy access for any cleaning or maintenance that may be required, whilst a central walkway gives safe personnel access over the wheel wash.

As the truck approaches the Warrior a sensor (specifically designed to eliminate nuisance tripping from external sources) activates the wash cycle. A horizontal end suction centrifugal pump is supplied to provide the necessary water to the 84 high pressure nozzles that are carefully directed to clean the underbody, the inside and outside of the wheels, as well as the tread and between the wheels.